You’re invited to list your wholesale products globally.

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We welcome and invite you to create your own online global storefront, as a wholesale vendor, creating your own store posting your products on Shop The Globe. We are opening up a more efficient one stop wholesale shopping and we hope you will participate and post the majority of your products for the world to see and buy.  

We ask you to take advantage of our global leverage such as posting  your online storefront and products in every major language.  We also have a wide variety of pricing options with over 65 currencies to let you price your selections more accurately.  We are focusing on solving one of the largest merchants issues, providing a much larger, very diversified, low cost, open worldwide access, that allows you to significantly increase your product awareness.  Buyers in one online store will have the advantages and time savings of multiple, easy to filter products, with single buying & billing conveniences combined with unprecedented language and global selling leverage.  

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We are owned by a global news company and you will be able to read two of our targeted news articles about Shop the Globe on Google, Communal and Facebook news per week.  We enclosed this linked news article we recently published, as it is one of our major themes, that US online stores will have access to one stop, global wholesale products.  

We hope and invite you to post and sell you products with us, as you would be welcome to also publish your significant events and announcements for the world to read.

We will try our hardest to increase your worldwide access, exposure and global product markets.  To build an online business by focusing on providing a more efficient, low cost, B2B and global merchant friendly open online services.  Very important to us, is that your listing and or news publishing will not have any out of pocket costOur simple structure utilizes only limited, if any, middleman, making Shop The Globe low cost fee structure strategically aligned with your company’s advancement, so our success is tightly coupled with your success.   We designed a much simpler low cost open global platform that will allow you to save and make more money.

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I personally welcome you to email me back, with any questions or comments that you might have.


Thank You.


Randy Durig 

Founder – Shop the Globe.