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Business-to-Business (B2B or, in some countries, BtoB) is a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another Business. This typically occurs when:

Shop The Globe is working to remove the many layers of of redundancy in Business. Helping to make far fast and better decisions,  not only simplifying the process but also establishing itself as the low priced leader.  Allowing you to view the very quickly  many global alternatives.

The United Kingdom B2B Sales & Price Leadership Wholesale Market often has the Lowest Markup


Our B2B Sales Low Fee
 Shop The Globe Incredible Low Cost Comparable
United Kindom’s B2B Sales Price Leadership.



Our Global B2B leadership structure is very simple, easy to understand and incredibly low.

At Shop The Globe we only make money on transactions!

  • Shop The Globe & Save with a one time 4% charge on sale transactions.*
  • Shop The Globe has No Set Up or Joining fees.
  • Shop The Globe has No Listing fees.
  • Shop The Globe has No Buyer fees.
  • Shop The Globe has No Service fees.
  • Shop The Globe has No Out of Country charges.
  • Shop The Globe has No Processing fees.
  • Paypal is our preferred vendor, and we are working on bring on additional low-cost financial institutions.
  • Paypal will convert your work to your preferred currency on your selection.
  • We do not sell, in any way or form, our clients data.

*Fees in bold

Comparable B2B Sales Mark Up Fees – The Low Cost Leader & Price Advantages, providing far superior cost leadership than even Alibaba & Amazon

Shop The Globe 4%

Costco  14-15% plus Membership Fees

Amazon  19-25%

DHgate 12.5%-19.5% lower on larger orders

Walmart  32%

Ebay 10.2 % with many variations and additional cost

Alibaba Entry  $ 3,499 up front to start


Shop The Globe charges 4% transaction fee and has no additional fees

England Products Available At Our Lowest Wholesale & B2B Marketplace Prices



United Kingdom Products Available At Our Lowest Wholesale & B2B Marketplace Prices