Thailand B2B (Buy & Sell) B2B Marketplace Low Cost Leader

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Thailand B2B (Buy & Sell) B2B Marketplace Low Cost Leader


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Thailand Business-to-Business (B2B or, in Thia ,ำตลาด B2B) is a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another Business. This typically occurs when: Shop The Globe is working to remove the many layers of of redundancy in Business. Helping to make far fast and better decisions,  not only simplifying the process but also establishing itself as the low priced leader.  Allowing you to view the very quickly  many global alternatives.

This B2B Thailand Page in Thai

หน้านี้ B2B ฟิลิปปินส์ในภาษาฟิลิปปินส์

Supply chains are more important to B2B transactions. Manufacturing companies obtain components or raw materials from other companies and then sell to a wholesaler, distributor, or retail customer.   B2C transaction, Wholesalers and distributors still have a supply chain, but their chain consists of finished products.



 Thailand B2B Marketplace Online Products By Categories

Allergy, Cold & Fever(26)


Aspirin – Ibuprofen(24)

Baby Care & Toys(36)


Body Jewelry(15)

Body Lotions(32)

Brand Names(358)

Candies, Gum(122)

Candy, Gum & Snacks(190)

Candy, Snacks & Drinks(78)

Care for the Skin(79)

Chips – Crackers(32)

Cleaning Items(44)


Coats & Jackets(14)

Condoms & Related(37)

Converters & Chargers(32)

Cosmetics, Beauty Care(270)

Creams & Skin Care(53)


Dice, Games & Activities(14)

DIY Garden Pets(57)

Earbuds, Headphones(28)


Electronics & Tech.(161)

Energy and Vitamins(476)

Energy Drink(9)

Eye Care(12)

Fashion & Art(65)

Feminine – Women’s Care(33)

Film & Memory Card(19)

Food, Seasoning & Spices(70)

Free Shipping(173)

Free Shipping Worldwide(167)


General Goods(397)

General Smoking(15)

Gloves – Covid – PPE(19)

Gowns & Saree(23)

Hair Care & Shaving(61)


Health Care(11)

Health, OTC, Dietary(608)

Healthy Bars(16)

Healthy Nutrition(125)


Homeopathic Healthcare(35)

Household & Furniture(37)



Keychains & Postcards(120)

Keychains Souvenir(33)

Kids Vitamins(14)

Kits & Tools(71)

Knives Kitchen Ware(18)

Lanyards Souvenir(15)

Laser Therapy(11)

Lighter Fluids(10)


Lip & Mouth Care(91)

Lipstick Fashion(11)

Listed By Price(2413)



Magnets Souvenir(70)

Manufacturer Direct(524)

Manufacturer Jewelry(174)

Manufacturers – Health(91)

Manufacturers General(217)

Manufacturers Outdoors(57)

Manuka Honey(16)

Masks – Covid – PPE(22)

Minimum Order 1(143)

Nail Care(20)

Natural Vitamins(299)

Necklaces & Pendants(23)

Office & Stationary(39)

Oil & Scents(13)

OTC Medication(62)

Outdoors & Sports(90)

Pain Relief(29)

Pants & Blue Jeans(24)


Perfume & Cologne(18)

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment(95)

Purse, Wallets & Belts(25)

Rain Umbrellas(40)

Rings & Bracelets(43)

Rolling Papers(20)


Sanitizers & Wipes(64)

Shirts & Caps(25)

Shoes & Care(21)



Tooth Brush & Floss(24)



Woman Vitamins(10)

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