Our cost structure is very simple, easy to understand and incredibly low.

We only make money when you do!

  • Shop The Globe & Save on our one time charge of 12% of total sales.
  • Shop The Globe has No Set Up or Joining fees.
  • Shop The Globe has No Listing fees.
  • Shop The Globe has No Buyer fees.
  • Shop The Globe has No Service fees.
  • Shop The Globe has No Out of Country charges.
  • Shop The Globe has No Processing fees.
  • Paypal is our preferred vendor, and we are working on bring on additional low-cost financial institutions.
  • Paypal will convert your work to your preferred currency on your selection.

Our simple structure utilizes only limited, if any, middlemen, making Shop The Globe’s low-cost fee structure strategically aligned with your company’s advancement, so our success is coupled with your success. We don’t make money unless you achieve sales.

We have zero cost to join you platform,  Our (total sales) fee is often substantially lower than others, and that is our only fee.  Many of our competitors charge an over 20% seller fee with cost of set up and addition fees such as Opening fees, Listing Fees, Service Fees, Country Fees, & Finance fees.

Shop The Globe is working hard to provide a low cost global platform with very limited restrictions to language or country, allowing even companies and nations with low to modest budgets to have unfettered open access goods & merchandise services, while leaning and teaching a path to make a global sustainable living.

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