Shop The Globe Melts eBay on Bulk Candy Prices

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Story Originally from Communal News


Shop The Globe, your one-stop wholesale shopping networked experience, is already a great place to stock up on in-demand, brand name items and keep your storefronts full.  But how well does it stand up against the competition?  We did some comparison shopping to show how you can save on popular items with Shop The Globe, versus eBay.

Using bulk candy as just one example, with Shop The Globe, and through Wholesale B2B, customers can get wholesale deals on 36 count boxes of 3 Musketeers for $21.99, Kit Kats for $22.99, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for $19.99.

What about those same items on eBay— touted for more than two decades as the place to find anything online at an unbelievable price?  Those same 36-count boxes will run you $24.95 for 3 Musketeers$28.99 for Kit Kats (a 26% increase!), and $34.95 for Reese’s (a 75% increase!).

Check back at Shop The Globe often for new and amazing deals on brand name, American products, in a variety of categories, from Wholesale B2B.

At Shop The Globe, the venders are able to offer such in-demand, name brand products at rock-bottom prices in large part because we’ve eliminated the costly and redundant middlemen.

Shop The Globe allows sellers to post news publications and listings on our website at no upfront, out-of-pocket cost.  In return, Shop The Globe charges sellers only 12% of what they sell.

Shop The Globe operates in over 100 major languages, allowing sellers to connect with buyers all over the world in languages you each understand.  Shop The Globe also offers a wide variety of currencies, ensuring an easier flow of goods and capital wherever you each may be.  More of each are on the way.

Owned by an established news company, Shop the Globe is our third site, along with Freelance Global Gigs, and parent site, Communal News. All three sites have demonstrated quick growth and established themselves as global platforms at no or very low cost to our vendors.

Communal News offers up-to-date reports and forecasts across industries and markets, products and services.  We also provide readers daily news, business, sports, and analysis on a wide range of topics.

Anyone can read our targeted articles on Communal News, Google News, or Facebook News. For more information about our sites, click here.

With a simple sign-up process and minimal setup, Shop The Globe allows businesses to to get up and running in practically no time.

You recognize the value of the wholesale distribution model.  With Shop The Globe, your storefront can go digital, innovate, and meet the challenges necessary to expand your business.

Let Shop The Globe help keep your storefronts full of high demand, brand name, American products throughout the twists and turns of this unpredictable year. Try it today!  Shop the Globe’s Global Wholesale Vendor Registration is free.

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