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Buyer advantages are that we provide unbelievable values direct from the global manufacturer plus world class name brands at exceptional prices.

We include time-saving access to multiple, easy to select, filter and navigate products with one stop buyer conveniences — all combined with unprecedented languages, currencies, countries and categories that provide an exceptional buying leverage. Buyers can select products in their native language and have each product translated and presented based on their easy to use filters. Our system gives buyers an unprecedented leverage to shop and review products from all over the globe, greatly increasing global efficiencies, while often eliminating the costly middlemen.

We are focusing on solving one of the largest merchant issues: Having access to a large, diversified, low-cost, open, worldwide platform that allows the buyer simple and easy access in their desired language. This, in turn, allows large time savings with multiple companies and product reviews so fast and easy.

We also have a wide variety of currency-based pricing options with over 65 currencies to let you price your selections more accurately. If you want us to add a currency for your business let us know.

We will try our hardest to provide your products worldwide access and exposure providing unlimited categories and products marketed digitally to all parts of the world.

Our online platform is focused on providing a more efficient, low-cost, B2B and global merchant-friendly experience. It is very important to us that your listing and or news publishing is provided at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Business OwnerOur simple structure utilizes only limited, if any, middlemen, making Shop The Globe’s low-cost fee structure strategically aligned with your company’s advancement, so your success is coupled with our success. We designed our simple low-cost open global platform to help you save and make more money.

The key to our merchant marketplace is direct connectivity and coordination between buyers and sellers, allowing the more traditional cross border hurdles to be solved very simply by open online communication between the two business parties. Most importantly we eliminate the costly (and in some cases multi-layered) middlemen and their fees, allowing you to keep a higher percentage of each sale, and again, allowing you to save and make more money.

We are owned by Communal News and have a sister company called Freelance Global Gigs. Both have grown very fast and are large, global platforms, at very low cost or free to our vendors. You can read more about us here.

With our global newspaper and worldwide gig services, we provide millions of global business readers, listings, articles and associated business information. It’s all combined with our outstanding track record of building successful, fast growing, low-cost global platforms. We are already providing significant opportunities for buying and selling in the global markets.

If you have a product and/or line of products that you would like us to list and sell globally, sign up today.

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