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Shop The Globe — Buy & Sell Wholesale Online

We are looking for regional, professional, commissioned salespeople to represent ShopTheGlobe.

Would you like a job helping in the success of a very fast growing company?

We are soon to launch our global platform for wholesale companies.   We are looking globally for native market salespeople to help launch local companies on our online global markets platform. 

Key markets including USA, India, South Africa and Taiwan and more are still open.

We provide the ability for local merchants to post their products locally, but be reviewed globally, in every major language, open country and city in the globe. So in almost an instant their local merchant products could be seen and reviewed globally for volume purchases. is targeting though it’s own online global news services potential buyers, for their listing, in the very fast growing online stores that need a constant supply of unique and different goods.  

Many companies will want to sell and market their products globally on our next generation service. All they need is to be properly informed, and that is where we need help.

Our experience is that merchants would love to have low-cost global exposure, so this should be very easy to sell. Most merchants are already looking for a global platform such as this, and merchant online sign up is free and easy.

It would be extremely helpful if you already have a list (or relations) as a trade shows representative, or previous local wholesale market knowledge. 

We will pay $100 US for each company that lists a product or products on our platform, plus ½ of that company’s first year of sales, which works out to be 6% of the listing companies total sales, and 3% of the listed sales in the second year, as this could very considerable.  All commissioned sales must be sold through our global platform. For the first three months while the participant is trying to achieve proper sales levels, Shop The Globe will provide a salary.

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