British Wholesale is now helping the small vendors

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New research from Barclays suggests that the average length of British supply chains has doubled since the pandemic hit, and retailers and wholesalers in the country do not expect them to return to normal until at least March 2021.  The report, “Chain reaction: Retail and wholesale supply chains adapt to a climate of change,” was picked up by the Scottish Business Insider.

Barclays Corporate Banking commissioned pollster YouGov to survey 508 decision makers in the retail and business sectors from August to September.

Before the pandemic, the average British supply chain took five weeks from beginning to end. Respondents said this has now doubled to an average of ten weeks since the pandemic— and economic slowdowns— hit.

A key takeaway from the report states that British wholesalers and retailers “intend to use their immediate responses to COVID-19 disruption to accelerate structural change.”  The restrictions have driven a change in online purchasing, which the report opines, “is likely to remain.”

Nearly half (47%) of businesses plan to prioritize investment in e-commerce technology, while more than half (52%) of wholesalers have responded to COVID-19 by either launching or increasing direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales.  The report goes on to say that many firms have also invested heavily in e-commerce solutions to facilitate these changes.  Again, “the change is likely to become permanent.”

In Britain and around the world, the rules of business and commerce are changing, and firms are beginning to adapt to this wild new game.  Thankfully, there is a new player, designed to make these transitions easier.  Meet Shop The Globe, a new global online wholesale marketplace.

Shop The Globe allows sellers to post news publications and listings on our website at no upfront, out-of-pocket cost.  In return, Shop The Globe charges sellers only 12% of what they sell.

Shop The Globe has also eliminated the costly and redundant middlemen, helping wholesalers to cut costs and knock out any unnecessary obstacles that might trip up supply chains.

Shop The Globe operates in over 100 major languages, from English to Esperanto, which allows sellers and buyers to communicate in ways you both understand.

Shop The Globe also offers a wide variety of currencies, from Pounds to Pesos, ensuring an easier flow of goods from sellers to buyers all over the world.  More of each are on the way.

Shop the Globe is our third site, along with Freelance Global Gigs, and parent site, Communal News.  All three have demonstrated quick growth and established themselves as global platforms at no or very low cost to our vendors.

Anyone can read our targeted articles on Communal News, Google News, or Facebook News.  Creating and setting up a new account on Shop The Globe is quick and easy, allowing wholesalers to be able to be up and running in practically no time.

Let Shop the Globe be part of your firm’s smooth transition to the new ways of doing business during and after the pandemic. Try it today!  Shop the Globe’s Global Wholesale Vendor Registration is free.

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